Monday, 8 September 2014

My Great Grandfather's Wartime Sketchbook | Hills District Photographer - Sarah Moore

Over the weekend we celebrated my Grandfather's 90th birthday.

As a surprise I created a book out of HIS father's sketches from the First World War. My great-grandfather was an incredible artist, and kept a sketch book during his time in France and Belgium from 1918-1919 - the resulting sketches are not only an amazing piece of art but also an incredible insight into what those young men went through.

We still have the original sketchbook obviously, but it is incredibly fragile after all these years and it's wonderful to have archived the sketches for everyone to enjoy. Pa certainly did!

These first two images show the sketchbook in it's fragile state, you can see how it is coming apart, and where someone has stuck it back together.

Here are all his sketches in the order that they are in the actual sketchbook.


  1. Amazing Sarah!!


  2. A treasure trove of memories and talent...with a little Aussie humour...brilliant.