Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Jazz in the Garden - "Truro", Stockinbingal | Hills District Photographer - Sarah Moore

Over the weekend Andrew and I traveled down to Stockinbingal to attend a charity function run by my mother and the Cootamundra Rotary Club on the grounds of "Truro". 

Set against canola fields, with stunning gardens, a 3 generation brick home, and a 100 year old Moreton Bay Fig - you couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting. The fabulous Jazz band "Shiraz" kept us all entertained, with the weather turning on a spectacular show, bright and warm.

I think everyone agreed it was a wonderful day all round!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Vintage Treasures, Memories Shared | Hills District Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Sarah Moore

You would all know by now how much I love history and all things vintage. I scour Antique Shops for treasures and sometimes I come across the most amazing finds.

I came across an album full of printed images from a Swiss family's trip to Australia in the 1930s. It is an incredible piece of history.

Of course I purchased the album and have had it for years.

While looking through the album recently I came across these incredible portraits and thought I would share them with you all. It is exactly the kind of moment that I love to capture and would hope that one day
 my images will be cherished in the same way that these are.

The album begins with images from the Swiss Alps in 1930...

Then follows their journey on the Cathay Glasgow to Sydney, Australia...

The images of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour are incredible...

The family then proceeds to travel between NSW and Victoria taking some amazing images along the way (they were obviously very proud of the car as many of family portraits are taken with it!).

There are pages and pages of images (some as tiny as a stamp) - and if I have time I may put together some more to share with you all.

Monday, 8 September 2014

My Great Grandfather's Wartime Sketchbook | Hills District Photographer - Sarah Moore

Over the weekend we celebrated my Grandfather's 90th birthday.

As a surprise I created a book out of HIS father's sketches from the First World War. My great-grandfather was an incredible artist, and kept a sketch book during his time in France and Belgium from 1918-1919 - the resulting sketches are not only an amazing piece of art but also an incredible insight into what those young men went through.

We still have the original sketchbook obviously, but it is incredibly fragile after all these years and it's wonderful to have archived the sketches for everyone to enjoy. Pa certainly did!

These first two images show the sketchbook in it's fragile state, you can see how it is coming apart, and where someone has stuck it back together.

Here are all his sketches in the order that they are in the actual sketchbook.