Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Visit to the Country - Part I | Sarah Moore - Hills District Portrait Photographer

I grew up in the country in a small town called Cootamundra. I have some of the fondest, most amazing memories from my childhood, and every time I drive back, every time I leave the city and get closer to the country, something inside me eases.

My mother, after years of living in the city has followed her heart and move back to her roots. She also grew up in the country and it is so wonderful to see her back where she belongs.

This is her new little house in the tiny town on the outskirts of Cootamundra called Stockinbingal.

Ty, Zoe and I spent a week with Mum and we had loads of adventures, visiting places from my childhood and experiencing life on a small farm.

We visited my Grandmother who I haven't seen in a very long time.

Experienced amazing sunsets - there is nothing like a clear, crisp night with only sheep bleating for company.

Visited a Haunted House - where there was a set of stables with THE most incredible light.


When I was young I had a friend called Sophie, she and I were inseparable. We spent our childhood exploring and helping on her large working farm, and laying in this gorgeous tree telling tales and dreaming. This beautiful Moreton Bay Fig was 100 years old last year. It is one of those memories from my childhood that tugs at my heart and to see it again in all its majestic glory was amazing.

We came across this beautiful lady whilst driving around the outskirts of town. Isn't she gorgeous?

And Ty adored exploring and playing on the farm.


  1. You can take the girl out of the country Sarah BUT you can not take the country out of the girl

  2. I loved reading than is Sarah and enjoyed your photos no end. We recently had an overnight stop with your Mum and loved it so much that we plan to go back. The area is amazingly beautiful - we saw all the canola fields for miles on end. We did Monte Cristo during last year's Redbubble Rumble there and your photos of that amazing old homestead brought back so many memories - I must go and revisit my images. It looks like the children had a wonderful time too ... it's memories like this that will stay with them forever.