Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Visit to the Country - Part II | Sarah Moore - Hills District Portrait Photographer

My kids love photography as much as I do. Each of them had a camera to use while we were away and these are some of the images from their perspective!

Mornings were frosty, but it gave us SO many fabulous photographic opportunities. This one was taken by Zoe getting down really low and shooting straight into the light across frosted grass.

Mum has the most gorgeous big healthy chooks and Ty loved them to bits :) This is his photo of them. 

I love watching the way that my children photograph. Ty took this shot below. He started above the bolt, but once looking at the image he moved into the position that Zoe captured him in below. Which resulted in this fabulous shot with amazing depth of field. He has had no prompting from me with his photography, I just love how his creative mind works.

Zoe photographing Ty - photographing Zoe.

Some images by the kids from our visit to the farm.

Check out the amazing perspective on this shot of a rock by Ty!! 

LOVE this photo of Zoe by Ty - composition, flare, light, colour!

A visit to the Haunted House resulted in some more gorgeous images by Zoe .

And finally Ty is always a willing subject for photos! These were taken by Zoe in the park across from the house that I was born in. 

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